About Us

Since 1992 Petrotech Group has been working on the implementation of all kinds of solutions that make it the best platform to support the oil industry.

Research, development, commitment and investment have been the pillars of the companies in this group whose portfolio is aimed to become the best support for the industry that moves the world: oil.

Our Philosophy

Provide oil services with high-tech equipment and qualified human talent, international standards of quality, occupational health and the environment.
Position ourselves as the leading national company in the Ecuadorian oil services industry contributing to the success of our customers.

Why Choose Us?

  • Technical support, consulting, equipment and spare parts of the highest quality.
  • Wide range of efficient services.
  • Quality, occupational safety and environmental certifications.



  • Encourage respect for all those around us, act with integrity and professional ethics.
  • Respecting the diversity that may exist: origin, experience, ideas, formation, gender and way of seeing things.
  • Refer to our colleagues with respect and consideration, even when not present.
  • Listen to each other and generate empathy.
  • We are responsible for the results and for our actions.
  • Propose solutions and fulfill the objectives and commitments that arise.
  • Firmly express our ideas, but also, accept the agreements and decisions made.
  • Work safetly focusing on meeting health and safety standards in our work and in our home.
  • Resolve conflicts through discussions and encourage staff participation in decisions.
  • Protect companies prestige.
  • Recognize mistakes and use them as an opportunity to improve.
  • Work committed to continuous improvement.
  • Responsibility of the individual with his team, which will lead to personal, group and company success.
  • Work with attitude that “you can do it” and that “we will achieve everything.”
  • Directly confront the difficulties and avoid secrecy within the workgroup.
  • Promote dialogue at all levels
  • Make people feel valued and appreciated.
  • Work for the welfare of our staff, our internal and external customers.
  • Help with the problems and understand what is needed.
  • Celebrate our colleagues successes and support in difficult times.

ISO 9001


Quality Management

ISO 14001


Environmental Management

OHSAS 18001


Safety and Occupational Health

Our Companies


Petrotech Group consists of several companies and specialized services containing a broad portfolio of solutions tailored and served to support the oil industry.

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Petrotech Group is certified for its quality, occupational safety and environmental policies. It also has the representation of large companies and industry services.

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Our Costumers

Some of the customers that trust in our professionalism and experience are: