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OZALNAMOR is a company founded in 1999 that specializes in services for well testing, reservoir studies and wells completion.

It offers multiple services operated by experienced professional technicians.

  • Double Drum Cable Units
  • Boom Trucks
  • Loader Backhoes
  • Pump Trucks
  • MTU
  • Memory Gauge
  • Jet Pump Well testing
  • Wells Analysis (Build Up)
  • Hydraulic Pumps

We use Kuster pressure elements, which are electronic meters and gauges of pressure and temperature necessary for the study of the wells. The interpretation and analysis of information is performed by using Fekete Software.

Servicios de la Empresa

Camiones Wireline

Wireline / Slickline Services

  • 20000 “0.108 cable″ (solid)
  • 20000 “0.187 cable″ (braided)

Double drum units have a maximum capacity of 4000 pounds tension. The BOP and lubricators are tested with 5000 psi before starting work. Each unit is equipped with a complete set of tools. Baker and Otis Pipe models of 2-3/8″, 2-7/8″, 3-1/2″ and 4-1/2″.

Each Slickline unit has a set of electronic (Memory gauges), designed for 10.000 psi and 302°F.

The units allow to:

  • Calibration, check pipe and obstruction (Tubing Gauge, Bloque Impresor).
  • Cleaning obstructions to paraffin, scale, etc. (with Paraffin Cutter, Broaching Tool).
  • Clean sand, silt (with Sand Baler).
  • Open, close, check completion shirts in the bottom (with shifting tool Baker u Otis).

  • Opening or closing surface shirts (shifting tool Baker & Otis).
  • Settle or recover Standing Valves.
  • Change set valves and plugs Gas Lift.
  • Sampling fluid background.
  • Tubing Drilling (Mechanical Tubing Punch).

Boom Trucks

Serve as support for the Slickline units when performing work without holes overhaul. The maximum capacity of these boom trucks is 15.5 tons and allow to reach 60 feet height, fully loaded.

Camiones Pluma


Loader Backhoes

Caterpillar 426C Loader Backhoes, 4X4, which feature a special blade that makes forklifts.

Pump Trucks

Each machine has the following components:

  • Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine of 600 HP.
  • 6061 Allison Transmission.
  • SPM TWS 600S Compact pumps.

Working parameters based on 90% of mechanical efficiency and 100% volumetric efficiency, follows:

  • 49 GPM @ 7958 psi
  • 196 GPM @ 4726 psi
  • 441 GPM @ 2100 psi

Each pumping unit is equipped with a complete inventory of tools and all accessories for high pressure lines that support 15.000 psi.

Camiones Bomba

Bombeo Hidraulico

Hydraulic Pump

Ozalnamor has a complete and modern workshop for the inspection and repair of Jet and Piston type pumps. It also has a test bank or well to evaluate the performance of the pump after repair. Our staff is highly qualified and trained.

For assessments of wells we have the Jet Pump service with a sufficient stock of nozzles and throats which evaluates the production well. This pump is housed in the sleeve and can be direct or reverse. The software used allows optimization of the fluid and the optimal evaluation of the well, without the risk of cavitation.

Mobile Test Unit (MTU)

This unit can pump up to 4000 BPD to 3800 PSI. Its battery allows a pressurized, autonomous system once the test begins. The main elements of our MTU are:

  • Manifold
  • Piping Systems
  • Accessories
  • Hydrocarbons Cleaning System
  • Chemical Injection Pump
  • Booster Pump
  • Automated System
  • Fluid accumulator
  • Gas Measurement System
  • Murphy board
  • Flow Meter
  • Dumpers

Mobile Test Unit

Analisis de pruebas de presion

Pressure tests analysis and interpretation

Fekete Well Test Software is used for the analysis and interpretation of the following pressure tests:

  • Drawdown Test.
  • Buildup Test.
  • Injection Test.
  • Falloff Test.
  • Prueba de Interferencia.
  • Prueba Fluyente.
  • Prueba Estática.